In 1981 Brad Corbett Sr. founded our company. S&B is the largest provider of pipe sealing solutions in the U.S. and Canada.

Many years of experience in the water works industry has provided the in-depth knowledge that has positioned S&B as the preferred distributor of sealing products. It is with this vast experience in the water works industry that allows S&B to provide its customers with the optimal sealing solutions to meet their needs.

S&B has the ability to develop and test products. As a distributor of Hultec products, S&B has access to Hultec’s extensive engineering department and accredited rubber testing lab (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) in Costa Rica. In Dec.1994, our plant was the first manufacturing facility in Costa Rica to gain ISO 9001 certification.

S&B has developed numerous custom sealing solutions for our customers. S&B has been awarded numerous patents and patent pendings.

With its plant located in Fort Worth, Texas, S&B can also offer Made In The USA products.

Brad Corbett Sr. set the standard for superior customer service by providing just-in-time deliveries and engineering expertise. This is a tradition that S&B continues to follow and will carry on into the future.